Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Time as a Lovely Lady

I was 13 when I first took my older sister's dress. I was hooked. I didn't look like a girl at all, but over the years I pushed the boundries of my sexuality. I went from wearing the dress to stuffing boobs with tissues, then wearing a bra and panties underneath. I tried on her lipstick one night when I was 16, and her mascara two days later. I fingered my ass and sucked on a carrot, moaning quietly.

When I went to college, I put my girly side aside for a while, and trust me, it wasn't easy. I still fantasized, but until I was out of college and had a stable job, I bought some supplies.

I took tips from all over on makeup and mannerisms, and by the time I was 26, I could look pretty hot. I had these breast forms that I could glue onto my skin, basically, and a nice wig. I looked lovely when I dressed up completely. My makeup skills increased, and I could spend all weekend dressed up if need be. I was happy.

Though I still had girly fantasies, and I had upgraded from the carrot to a nice, realistic 9-inch dildo, I had never had sex as a girl. I'd slept with girls, of course, but when I was dressed up, I was basically a heterosexual woman.

I was scared, though, and my big stroke of luck came when my buddy Keith asked to stay with me for a while.

His wife left him recently, and she got the apartment. Harsh bitch. Anyway, Keith had been hitting the bottle, and I was willing to help him out. He was my oldest friend, after all.

Not even a week since he moved in, I asked him if he could go into the storage unit in the basement and grab something for me. He agreed, and came back a few minutes later with a confused look and a cardboard box.

"Hey, Alex?" He asked. "What is this?"

He reached into the box and pulled a few things out. A clump of women's clothing. A dark-haired wig. A pair of breast forms, a make-up box, and a dildo.

"Alex, you're one of them sissy fags, aren't you?"

"Uh... Actually..." I was so embarassed. "Not a faggot. I just... I like the clothes, is all."

"So you wouldn't want a massive hunk of meat in your sissy ass, Alexandria?" He said, calling me by a female name.

"Um..." I had a bit of a hard-on right now, I'll admit.

He laughed, filled the box again, and handed it to me. "Go get ready, Alexa. I'll rock your world." He winked, and my 'clitty' twitched.

(Source: Fashion Buzzzz)
I rushed to my bedroom, and plopped down on the bed. God, it was happening? I jerked until I came, which wasn't long, since I was so turned on. Then I tucked, slipped on some panties, and put on my breast forms. I hooked a bra on, and admired my figure in the mirror. Hairless (I was a swimmer) and slender. I smiled sexily, and then picked out an outfit. I put on a sexy cleavage-bearing blue dress, and I glued on the wig. I smiled at my reflection as I applied minimal makeup. After all the work, I think I came out pretty sexy.

I looked like a sexy girl! I posed a few times, making several sexy faces, and rushed to meet Keith.